Each stone brings healing in its own way. Jen uses the highest quality of natural stones that therefore produce the highest vibrations of healing.

Organic and natural materials such as bone, horn, wood, sterling silver, silk, leathers and shells are used as often as possible.

In a little storefront on Delray's Atlantic Avenue, sits South Florida's hidden treasure. Jen Scoz glides from customer to counter, explaining each piece's rich history and exotic origin.

Unearthed in Indonesia or handmade in a unique province, her pieces are one of a kind. Like everything Jen creates, her store carries a depth of character that few traditional boutiques can manage. After moving to Florida from New Jersey at just eight months, she took her first steps on the boardwalk not far from where she would, twenty seven years later, open shop in Palm Beach. It would be three successful years before she decided to open a second boutique in artistic Delray Beach. As a child, Jen's parents wanted her to take an active interest in her coloful heritage, so the family traveled to both their Ecuadorian and Brazilian homelands often.

"I've always felt a deep connection to these places. Traveling as a young child inspired me in ways I will always hold close to my heart," Jen recalls. "We got the opportunity to visit small villages where women would create the most unique gifts that we got to bring home to share with our family and friends."

While world culture was important to the Scoz family, so was entrepreneurialism.

Jen's mother ran a boutique in Boca Raton for twenty years.

"From the time I was five, I worked with my mom every Saturday. My job was to clean counters, organize jewelry cases and help our customers. My grandmother, who also had a boutique, passed down her love of design to my mother, so I've always grown up around fashion and jewelry and sewing." At a very early age, Jen began a collection of vintage and glass beads.

She loved experimenting with jewelry design and she also felt drawn to different artistic outlets. Before she found her vision, Jen worked as a makeup artist, saleswoman and a promotional model. Though, she soon realized all roads led her back to her creative core and with the loving support of her friends and family, Jen Scoz Designs was born.

Jen Scoz is a woman of natural kindness and beauty that emanates from her every word. A quality that also touches each of her designs. She doesn't want her customers to leave with just another piece of jewelry or clothing. Instead, she wants them to feel connected to a greater community and become enriched by their unique, one of a kind selection.

Today her customized pieces are worn by men and women all over the world. "My customers often tell me how they feel a connection to the piece, that they hold strength and positivity when they wear it," says Jen. "For this I am humbled in the most amazing way. Having the opportunity to connect the strong ethnic beauty and cultural influences of these different worlds and to share that with others feeds my spirit in a way that is indescribable."